About Reno Brothers

Having started in the industry many years ago as complete novices, Matt Judkins (accountant) and Simon Judkins (Doctor) thought they would try their hand at renovating houses. Initially it was a process of making mistakes (some bigger than others!), doing everything the wrong way about and really having very little understanding of just what is involved in such projects. Over the years their experience improved (dramatically we should add) but it became apparent that there really wasn't a point of expertise that the average person at home could turn to for information, building advice or in fact a trusted building company.

This was essentially the foundations of RenoBrothers and as is now represented, this has grown substantially over the years, but the same basic underlying fact remains, people like to have access to builders advice and information to assist them, whether that's for DIY purposes, simply knowing the pitfalls and tips prior to embarking on a project (just like the brothers did) or simply engaging a known company to do the work you them.

RenoBrothers have become industry leaders in this field so much so that we now have a our own building teams, regular media exposure and support and a number of "exclusive" arrangements and "ambassadorships" with organisations.

Contacting Reno Brothers

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